Friday, October 5, 2012

Making Other Things Feels Good Too

 Because I have a show tomorrow, today seems like a good day to finish up the earring display I started last July... I got out my box of Ranger products from my week-long vision of being a paper/collager/mixed media person... I used some inks, some alcohol, some melty leather stuff, some UTEE....and covered a wooden flower thing.
 This piece I had made from an old candle bobeche - I added a resined heart.
 It's all been added to this old quilting frame I varnished. I have the other half ready to make a necklace hanger out of... It's laying on the floor because I caulked the pieces on it and they aren't quite dry. Those are welding rods I cut and put in the holes drilled into the sides to hang the earrings on.
 For fun, I made some dio de los muertos magnets. Ha. 
...and just so you know I'm still working on jewelry, made an 'alis volat propriis' necklace. See how I incorporated the chain making skills I'm learning this week? I know.

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sue said...

Wow the ear-ring hanger is just gorgeous. I reckon making the display stuff is often as much fun as making the jewellery! I like the magnets and their stand too. Your chain looks great - it is very liberating to be able to make AL the components of a necklace isn't it?! You is clever Ms Rachel!