Monday, August 27, 2012

New Work Table

 Tim built a new work table for me. It's just the right size. He's amazing.
The very cool stool is from Moxie Thrift. She's amazing too. Go see the great little green stool she has in her shop.
I'm not sure how I'll finish the table, but I have spread out work and cleaned it back off twice already.
Most of what I've been doing is wholesale orders...lots of wholesale orders for which I am quite thankful.
I even bought new underwear.


Jill said...

Have you ever seen a burned wood finish? It was new to me a couple of years ago when my son did it in a shop project in school. You can google images of it. Try "burned wood finish" or charred wood. And, I agree Tim and Leah are amazing!! (even though I don't know Tim, just his table building skills, haha)

acorn hollow said...

I am sure you will come up with a finish that suits you. New undies yahoo feeling good.

lynn bowes said...

That Tim is swell. And new underpants? Girl, you are living on the edge now!

Carolyn said...

Nice table! Ben saw your picture and thought it was a train table--he was impressed with Tim's handiwork, too!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

the table IS amazing! that leah girl is weird.

oh, wait. that's me. scratch that weird comment.

new underbootsies is always a reason to prance and dance!