Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crowned Royalty

This picture is from my dear mother's 90th birthday in 2008. (She's the tiny one in the middle) My sisters and brother came out to celebrate her. I made those crown for all of us to wear - except my brother - he is already the crowned prince of our family (just kidding)... I'm posting this because Bonnie sent it to me yesterday and then called and we were talking about what a fun time that day was and how hard it is to watch mom going downhill so fast. She's still a lovely person and we all love her dearly, but at 94 nothing is easy for her. She and my father raised seven children - lost two of them in 1994. We're all quite different, but held together by a fierce love and protective feeling of each other.  My older sisters (I had to throw that in) played a HUGE part in raising me. Thank you sisters. I love you guys.


lynn bowes said...

What a beautiful bunch of women!

sue said...

Wow what a privilege to be a part of a family like that and to still have your Mum around! Raising 7 kids? Phew she must be something special!

Jill said...

You have a great family!