Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poke Her With A Stick. See If She's Dead.

 Not dead. Just busy. Isn't everyone? In between making school pendants, I've discovered that if I cut MIG rods to 7" long they fit in my kiln and I can properly anneal beads. Woo Hoo.
I've made a few copper/brass and treasures necklaces.

 Had orders for bullet charms which meant I had to do some target practice with my vintage pistol and still can't hit the bullseye...
 and now am trying to keep up with the Christmas orders.
 Remember that if you need something custom made, you can order through my website www.twodogpond.com or e-mail me.
 My husband lit the burnpile on the Saturday - the one day there weren't high gusts of wind. The flames went 35 feet high. It was quite impressive. 34 degrees out and we were sweating.
Special thanks to everyone that thought I was dead and checked in with me. Love you guys!!


Jill said...

I was wondering where you were too. Glad to hear it's all good busy. No roasted marshmallows?

Vikki G. said...

I love those beads. I stepped on the end of my mini-blind pull the other day and cracked the plastic. I got to thinking... hey! I could find some funky beads and put those on the ends instead! If you do a navy blue batch, let me know... I think I'm in the market!

watermelonmom said...

The necklace is awesome. The stamping, metals, colors and key clasp are so neat....great job! I have been missing you on your blog. Glad you are okay and just too busy, but aren't we all?