Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Jill informed me that the style of jewelry I've been making is called "Steampunk". I had no idea what that meant, so looked it up - and it is! I've been thinking about it and think that my favorite show growing up being 'Wild Wild West' must have influenced me more than I realized. I loved Jim West and Artemis Gordon and all the cool tools and watches and inventions...heck, what little girl didn't? Right? {That and Jim West's leather pants...}

Anyway - I've been at some auctions and estate sales and rummaging around for 'stuff' to solder on, wire, epoxy, altar, upcycle, etc and here's part of my pile...

...hmmm...now I need some cool goggles to wear.

I just used up all my words for the day.


Leah said...

hey steampunk....i bet you could solder around some of that for a big honkin necklace.

great finds! nice work.

i want to make salsa with all your tomatoes.

Eliot said...

I would like to request more pics of reice & rumple..... :) (I'm selfish)